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Onyx Black Wealth Collective

Welcome to Onyx Black Wealth Collective

Creating and protecting Black Wealth

Why Onyx Black Wealth Collective?

ONYX is Black Wealth Building Movement! We are an invitation-only membership community of multigenerational Black people committed to 1) creating and deploying wealth to benefit our families and the broader Black community and 2) ensuring that Black financial gains and wealth are passed along to future generations. We envision the liberation of Black minds so we can tap into our fullest potential and shift our family and community legacies through the establishment of wealth. Our mission is to enable Black people to achieve financial freedom by helping us develop new mindsets through a collaborative community that shares the “Hidden Curriculum” needed for wealth building. To create the exponential impact needed to increase wealth in the Black community, our members are also committed to sharing key learnings with their families and communities. Learn more at our website.

The Results You'll Get

Onyx was founded with a vision to create a space for Black people to learn and share their questions about finances and wealth building. Our team and advisors are passionate about creating systemic change for Black people and empowering us to achieve financial freedom. We believe that by creating a trusted space for us to come together and share our experiences, we can create a supportive community that can work towards creating long lasting wealth and legacy for Black people.

Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member of Onyx Black Wealth Collective:

  • Find your Black Wealth Building Community. 

  • Access the “Hidden Curriculum” for wealth building.

  • Create exponential impact for the Black community.

When you Join Today

When you join Onyx Black Wealth Collective today, you’ll get access to our multidimensional approach to building our community:

  • Sunday Sessions: Our pillar program brings invited Black speakers to share their perspective and advice on wealth building and finances. This is where you will experience the true essence of our trusted intergenerational space for us to learn and share their questions about finances and wealth building. 
  • Wednesday Wind Down (WWD): Our weeknight connections and discussions also with invited speakers who will share advice about finances and wealth building for the Black community. WWD provide another space for you to connect and learn from our speakers and other Onyx members. 
  • Author Series: Our author series provides a space for Onyx members to read books written by Black authors who focus on topics related to building and maintaining wealth. We then invite those authors to speak with our Onyx community members. 
  • Onyx Brunches and Happy Hours: Our in-person gatherings provide an opportunity for you to connect with local members of the Onyx community through fun and informative Brunches and Happy Hours
  • Onyx Online Community: Our online community provides a space for you to meet other members, interact with one another, access financial education resources, and connect with mentors and sponsors. 

    • Access to Onyx Lounge that provides space for online discussions, shoutouts, and new member orientation. 

    • Access to Action Circles that bring together people that are ready for action in areas such as Vetting Real Estate Investments, First Time/Generation Home Buyers, Legacy Planning Posse, Investment Deals. 

    • Access to Recommended Advisors that also serve as in-house experts on topics like financial planning and legacy planning. 

    • Access to Curated Content, which includes our Meeting Recordings, Podcasts, Meeting Summaries

    • Opportunity to join other leaders in building Black wealth as Founding Member, Champion, Ambassador, Small Business or Corporate member

Meet Onyx Wealth Collective's

Team + Board of Directors